Full service boarding:

  • individualized feeding program with all hay and grain necessary for AM/PM
  • 10x12 box stall each with window
  • rubber mats in each stall
  • stalls cleaned daily
  • bagged pine shavings
  • daily turnout
  • blankets on/off
  • supplements given per request at $.50 per day
  • full board rate is $500 per month 

retirees and layups are welcome at WBF 


A popular question is - "When can my child start riding?".  WBF recommends the age of 8 to start.  By age 8, children usually have a greater attention span and more physical development to be able to control the horse.  Of course there are some exceptions, such as the child's desire to learn, and overall athletic ability and coordination. New students, of any level, will begin with private lessons. Private lessons allow for a one on one experience focusing on solid fundamental skills and a direct  line of communication between horse, rider and instructor. Lessons are also offered off site with a small up charge for travel. Please inquire for price.

  • $45 - 1/2 hour private lesson
  • additional fee for lessons off site depending on location

We also have an introductory lesson package for new students only - $180 for 4 (four) 1/2 hour private lessons.